In order to fully complete the satisfaction of our guests, there is a restaurant Villa Solta consisting of one large hall and three beautiful terraces among the greenery and overlooking the sea.

In such a pleasant atmosphere all you need is a tasty meal, and we can prepare for you a great number of traditional local and international dishes accompanied by fine wines.

We are at your service at any moment of your stay in the period from 07 to 01. All guest rooms and suites offer a bed and breakfast or half-board service by appointment.

From our selection of choices we can offer grilled lamb, Dalmatian Stew with Njoke, Fresh fish grilled with olive oil from our own first-class production, Scampi on buzaro, black risotto, octopus salad and numerous seafood and other delicacies. The flavours are prepared with special care, we are ready to satisfy even the most demanding guests, so let us take care of you in the best way, because your pleasure is our reward.